Kaiser high schooler, Holly Ogata is the reason people along Lunalilo Home road recognize her painted signs that display words like, 'Aloha is Everything.'

"We need more positive energy to make a happy world." Ogata Said. 

For nearly seven-months Ogata anonymously painted and put-up several different messages spreading words of positive reinforcement.

"So I thought I may just post them around and make nice messages for people." Said Ogata.

For a while 'NH' was the only clue people had behind each hand-painted piece, but Ogata felt it was time to put rumors to rest.

"They were like, 'It's New Hope'. I was like, 'It's me. That's awesome that you think it's new hope, but it's me.'" 

She isn't affiliated with the church New Hope, but is a determined teen with her own vision of happiness. She STARTED-OFF with almost 20 bright, bold boards with words like "smile big," or "laugh a lot" scattered around her neighborhood.

"A lot of them have been up for awhile." She said.

However, almost half have come down.

"It's a bummer, but I hope the ones that are taken down -- they're taken down by people who think they're cool and use them." Ogata said.

Even though it's discouraging, Ogata doesn't plan to stop.

"If I can just make somebody's day -- by them biking or walking, or driving by... If they're having a rough day, and they see it and they're like 'Oh that's nice.' I just want them to be happy.

She hopes more people in their communities will paint a message of positivity, too.




KITV4 reached out to the City and County of Honolulu, and said despite the positive message -- "as it relates to public property, hand-made and other non-city signage is not permitted to be posted on city streetlights, sign posts, fences and other city fences and structures."

"Items are subject to removal."