More than $100,000 in grant money was given today for non-profits servicing the homeless population in Chinatown.

Due to lack of resources, recidivism among the homeless population has been cyclical.

"We don't have enough shelter beds for people that are houseless. We don't have enough residential or detox for people that struggle with addiction," said Heather Lusk, executive director for the Hawai'i Health & Harm Reduction Center. 

HHHRC was given $90,000 and Chinatown Improvement District was given $15,000.

HHHRC operates a diversion program with the HPD, allowing the HPD to help people escape the cycle of arrest.

"They can call us, and my outreach worker can be there in 15-20 minutes and they can do a warm handoff to somebody who can help meet their needs so our law enforcement can focus on what they need to be doing which is supporting public safety," said Lusk. 

Lieutenant Governor Josh Green added, "We'll be able to save lives because people will not be stuck on the streets suffering with their drug addiction, with homelessness, with mental illness."