UPDATE 2:33 P.M.

A temporary restraining order to halt the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope on Mauna Kea was denied Tuesday.

Dozens of TMT opponents drove to the hearing that took place in Hilo Tuesday to be present for the decision.

The Hilo courtroom was packed, many of those there were kia'i or 'protectors' of Mauna Kea.

The TRO lawsuit alleges a state plan approved for Mauna Kea in the 1970s requires a bond with the Board of Land and Natural Resources to provide 'security equal to the amount of the contract to construct the telescope facilities and that construction can't legally go forward.

However, in the end Judge Greg Nakamura sided with TMT.

"It was a great ruling, we were very happy we thought we should we would prevail and indeed we did," TMT attorney Douglas Ing said. 

"Everyday the threat still continues so a temporary restraining order would have relieved us that for a  certain time and to me it's pretty clear everywhere that there's a clear public interest that's happening. The people are standing strong but the police are not standing down," TMT opponent Kealoha Pisciotta said.

The petitioners who side with the anti-TMT movement now plan to amend their complaint.


A judge has denied the TRO to stop construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope atop Mauna Kea.