It has been eight days since construction of a Thirty Meter Telescope on the Big Island should have started.

 On Monday morning those camped out at the base of the access road woke up with the arrival of Hawaii's Lieutenant Governor Josh Green.

KITV4's Eliza Larson spoke with the Lieutenant Governor who said that he was at Mauna Kea as a doctor.

When we caught up with him earlier he said he was working at the Kohala Hospital over the weekend and a couple people who were here for the anti-TMT gathering at the mountain had to be brought in.

Lieutenant Governor Green described them as emotionally and spiritually drained.

On Monday he arrived bringing medical supplies and sat with kupuna and the leaders of the protectors, listening to their needs and concerns.

When asked about his stance on the TMT project, he said he was not there to take a political position but he did say what is happening on Mauna Kea has a uniting quality.

"We should not do any project in Hawaii that threatens the fabric of society and if there's any way to find some kind of harmony together we should do it. Today I'm really just here to listen and to make sure everyone's ok. I was on call this whole weekend in Kohala and these are my people. My family's up here half my family's Hawaiian of course so you know I'm seeing them and I just want to make sure that people hear that it's peaceful on the Mauna and that everyone is trying to come together," Lt. Governor Green said. 

KITV4 also asked Lieutenant Governor Green about Governor Ige's position not to visit Mauna Kea.

He would not call anyone out specifically but he did say everyone should visit.

The Lieutenant Governor is still meeting with people, but there is no sign of construction equipment or a swarm of police officers.