MAUNA KEA, Hawaii - Not all Native Hawaiians oppose the Thirty Meter Telescope. Some say they support Hawaii's role as a world class location for astronomy.

Naea Stevens can trace his family lineage back to the Hawaiian Kingdom era, and says his ancestors had a special connection to Mauna Kea. They were some of the few allowed at the summit. 

He continues that tradition, as a guide on the mountain, sharing the spirituality of Mauna Kea and history with visitors. He also supports astronomy on the island's tallest peak and the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope.

"In the [creation chant] Kumulipo there are a couple of lines: 'There is nothing but night. There is nothing but darkness and the darkness gave birth. From the creation came everything.' With astronomy being able to see back in time, to the time of Po, the great darkness, there is an incredible amount of knowledge to be gained for both our future and our past," he says.