Another day of demonstrations on Mauna Kea also saw rallies of support coming from Oahu.

This time, thousands of people marched all the way through Waikiki down Kalakaua Ave. from Fort DeRussy to the Honolulu Zoo.

Some marchers said it was important to choose Waikiki because of all the tourism in the area.


As they marched down the street, some of the marchers handed out 'Aloha Visitor to Hawai'i' pamphlets to tourists, explaining the importance of Mauna Kea to Native Hawaiians and why many opposed the Thirty Meter Telescope.   The information sheets were printed in both English and Japanese.

One 4th grader marching with his family and handing out the papers says it's important for visitors to Hawaii to also be educated on what's happening on Mauna Kea.

"It shows why we're doing this," Iolana says. "I feel that [the TMT] shouldn't be there because we own this land, we've been here more than anybody has."