The tension over the Thirty Meter Telescope is getting national attention from known political leaders and 2020 presidential hopefuls, who are voicing their TMT stance on Twitter.

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders had posted a tweet on Friday, July 19th, 2019, in which he made it clear he stood by the protectors of Mauna Kea.

Sanders originally wrote "We must guarantee native people's right to self-determination and their right to protest. I stand with Native Hawaiians who are peacefully demonstrating to protect their sacred mountain of Mauna Kea."

But shortly after posting the tweet, Sanders deleted it from his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, former Hawaii House of Representatives 11th District's Kaniela Ing tweeted a quote from TMT Project Manager Gary Sanders, who had mentioned building the telescope in a completely different island chain.

Ing's tweet read, "If we keep on encountering obstacles to placing TMT on Hawaii we would be very happy to build it in the Canaries. With the TMT on La Palma we could do marvelous astronomy. -Gary Sanders, TMT project manager, 2017"