Tension was at an all-time high when dozens of kupuna were arrested Wednesday at the base of Mauna Kea.

However, on Thursday, the number of people arrested the previous day went up from 33 to 34. Which was a caregiver who chose to be arrested alongside one of the kupuna.

Thursday those Kupuna returned to the base of Mauna Kea with frustrations over the emergency proclamation issued by Governor David Ige. 

The proclamation gives law enforcement increased flexibility and authority to close more areas and restrict access to Mauna Kea.  Law enforcement has since SHUT OFF ALL access to the mountain. 

Kupuna are calling the proclamation extreme.

"The words that he used. That he had to remove those illegally occupying our aina. This is Hawaiian Homelands. This is our aina. We're not the illegal occupants. This is ours. You can not remove the maka'ainana. You can not remove the indigenous people from their own lands," said kumu hula Vicky Holt Takamine.

Earlier the access road was open to those traveling on foot, but it is now completely closed off.  Some say they would like to be able to engage in religious and cultural practices there as they have before.