A couple vacationing on O'ahu are thankful to be alive after surviving a close call off Lanai Lookout.

A bystander captured dramatic video of high surf sweeping a man and woman out to sea on O'ahu's east side. The incident happened last Sunday, and  the video has since gone viral on social media. 

Ocean Safety officials are hoping it will reiterate the critical need for beachgoers to adhere warning signs.  

"Social media paints a picture that all of these locations are fun, safe, do it for the gram, get those likes. But we're hoping that this piece of social media can paint a different picture that there are hazards. there are dangers that can happen so quickly," said Shayne Enright of Honolulu Ocean Safety.

However, just Tuesday, KITV4 counted dozens of people disobeying a warning sign clearly posted to keep them from crossing over the rock wall.