Tables were set; center pieces were perfectly placed; and food was on the burner for a first birthday.

Kathleen Cardenas- Haro had been planning for 6 months for this baby lu'au for her son, Kekoa, at the Kihei Community Center.

What Haro didn't plan for, however, was massive brush fire on July 11th.

"Around 1:30 -- they told us the fire was pretty bad. 'Is it ok if we put this as a shelter'? Said Haro.

Although party plans were postponed Haro said she wasn't going to let the food go to waste.

"We started grabbing trays, we grabbed more tables and put it next to the food that Red Cross brought -- and put all the food there. We grabbed utensils, plates, all of that." Haro said.

According to Haro, residents and visitors poured into the shelter. Out of the nearly 150 people there -- every person had a plate.

"We were going around telling people, 'there's food up there, you guys can go and grab'."

The family served men, women, and children.

"I decided to give them the goody bags, the cotton candy, popcorn." Said Haro.

She said, nothing was left to waste.

"At the end of the day we went home happy."

Haro said it wasn't the party they planned for, but a planned event worth hosting.

"I was so glad we were there." Haro Said. "So I think it was all for the better."

For Haro, she said being able to help others in their time of need was the icing on the cake.