Multiple people are injured after a flight from Vancouver to Sydney was diverted to Honolulu early Thursday morning due to severe turbulence.

The flight from Vancouver to Sydney encountered "un-forecasted and sudden turbulence," about two hours past Hawaii when the plane diverted to Honolulu, Air Canada spokeswoman Angela Mah said in a statement.


The turbulence happened at 36,000 feet, about 600 miles southwest of Honolulu, said U.S. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor.

Air Canada says there were 269 people on board at the time, and 15 crew members. 

Honolulu Emergency Medical Services (EMS) says 37 passengers were injured. The airline says all injuries are minor. One passenger said that people didn't have enough time to buckle up, and one man sitting in front of her flew out of his chair and hit the ceiling -- making a dent.


The airline is helping passengers with hotels and meals for the time being.

This is a developing news story, more details to come as they become available.