Calling all dungeon masters, comic collectors, and budding nerdlings, it's time to get your LARP on. Or, just listen to some records, find a new novel, or treat yourself to a new figurine.

At The Dragon's Lair in Mililani, Yelper Anthony C says he recommends this awesome shop to old time lovers of comics with a wide selection and great customer service. Tell them what genre you like and they'll suggest the most popular comics that match...

At The Other Realms in Kalihi, Yelper Jake B says they host all sorts of tournaments and have a really good sized gaming space that's super family friendly! They always keep their inventory in stock and they will always order what you need.

At The Armchair Adventurer in Kalihi, Yelper Arleen U says if you like art and tabletop board games this is the spot for you. If you're trying to learn Dungeons & Dragons so I brought my family to the first and second just the basics figurine painting tutorial, and it was great!

At From The Heart located in Kalihi, Yelper Darcie I says you'll find wall-to-wall cuteness... more super heroes than I've heard of... Most items are priced so that if you buy more, you save more.

At Hungry Ear Records located in Kaka'ako, Yelper Junior L says you'll find a great vibe. There's no one pushing you to buy anything, great music playing and the prices for new and used records are good to go.