Hawaii was ranked as the 47th best state to start a business.

WalletHub says the state finished lower due to a lack of access to resources.

Hawaii also had some of the highest labor costs.

The fastest growing job in Hawaii is orderly. SmartAsset says it's had growth of 217 percent.

Orderlies provide basic assistance with everyday tasks such as eating, putting on clothes, shaving and bathing to patients in hospitals, nursing homes and other inpatient healthcare settings.

Personal care aide job growth is expected to far outpace other jobs in the coming decade as Americans are getting older but still need some help day to day.

More than 1,000 Android apps harvest data even after you deny permissions.

Even when you say no, many apps find a way around.

Cnet reports researchers discovered more than 1,000 apps that skirted restrictions allowing them to gather precise geolocation data and phone identifiers behind your back.

Procter and Gamble is going after bugs.

The maker of Tide detergent and Gillette Razors hopes bug spray will be its next big consumer product.

The line, called Zevo, is for pets and people.