Burial Council Chief Hina Wong calls it Hewa, meaning overboard, excess, immorality.

More than two dozen headstones were knocked over or completely dislodged from the ground Tuesday night. Wednesday, people came from near and far to see if their 'ohana were among the disturbed.

A woman whose family was buried in the cemetery was heartbroken saying, "These are my great-great grandparents on my mother's side of the family. I work right across the street so I can see this headstone from my office building. When I walked out this afternoon I couldn't see the headstone so I came over to take a look and its knocked over."

A church maintenance worker was the first to notice during his routine stop at 4:30 Wednesday morning.

A motive and suspects are still unknown.

"I can't imagine any reason why this happened. I can only imagine the individual or persons responsible for this have it out for the Hawaiian community," said Wong.

The community is mourning, especially those closely effected.

"Its all we have. Its a symbol of our 'ohana and our history. Its everything to us," said the family member.

The community response, Wong says, has and will be one of unification and solidarity.

"We stand up and fight for everything that pertains to us as Kanaka in this community," said Wong.