U.S. mortgage rates are now at three-year lows.

The 30-year fixed mortgage averaged 3.73 percent for the week ending June 27th.

Low interest rates are helping support the housing market.

Gen Z says everyone has an iPhone these days and if they don't, they are left out of group chats.

A Piper Jaffray study of teens and pre-teens found 83 percent said they owned an iPhone.

Teens do love Amazon and like to check out the site even if they aren't buying anything.

Also, Gen Z polls politically more conservative than millennials.

One third of Americans say they've cut their monthly spending in t he past year that's according to CNBC and Acorns

Why the cut back?

Most say it's because they've lost some household income, and other say it's because they have taken on more debt.

Plenty, the vertical farming company that says it puts flavor first, Tuesday debuted its new farm, Tigris, designed for the best possible flavor while producing with extreme efficiency and cleanliness.

Plenty cannot only create an environment that nurtures the perfect flavor in a crop, it says it can also choose crops that have never been grown for grocery stores, due to the whims of climate or seasonality or the many food miles that fruits and vegetables travel today.

Tigris needs to go through more testing before it can be used for mass food production.