Paula Akana has been a reporter, anchor, friend, and mentor to many. KITV4's Robert Kekaula sat down with Akana to reminisce and "talk story" about her amazing career.

Kekaula: Have you taken a second to look back at your work?

Akana: I constantly do that. It's not hitting me now, I know it will later, but I'm constantly looking back and a lot has changed in Hawaii.

Kekaula: Is the job everything you thought it would be?

Akana: It's been even more, it has been a remarkable ride.

Kekaula: You learn the job on the job, as you're doing it.

Akana: The politics, legislature, stories about our Native Hawaiian community, Merrie Monarch, keiki hula, Hokule'a, that I never imagine in the beginning that would be doing.

Kekaula: You're going to the big house.

Akana: Iolani Palace is where our last monarchs lived, Kalakaua, Kapi'olani and Lili'uokalani. It was the scene of the overthrow, Iolani Palace has so many lessons to teach so many people, and I look forward to that.

Kekaula: You've made lifelong friends, lifelong relationships, what will you miss most about the job?

Akana: The people are really important, because KITV's always had that ohana atmosphere.

Kekaula: You've been, for the last 35 years, in people's living rooms, their bedrooms, they've depended on you for a long time, you will miss the people?

Akana: I will miss the viewers, because over the years so many have become like family. When people say you're in my living room, that, to me, is the highest praise, by far. It's hard to say goodbye, but I'm hoping they come and visit at the palace.