UPDATE 1:45 p.m.

Closing arguments have concluded. Judge Seabright went over the verdict form with jurors. Deliberations are said to begin shortly.


6/25/19 at 6:45 p.m.

Cynthia Kagiwada, the defense attorney for Katherine Kealoha, also listed areas where the government failed to prove wrongdoing beyond a reasonable doubt. 


HPD Lt. Derek Hahn's attorney, Birney Bervar spoke last. He began by saying there's "no evidence my client had any reason or motive to frame Gerard Puana."

He went on to discuss the difference between circumstantial versus direct evidence. He pointed to how the government's only direct evidence was the testimony of Niall Silva, who Bervar called "lying Niall." Then the governments circumstantial evidence against his client didn't prove conspiracy 

Two more defense attorneys have to give their closing arguments.

Tomorrow, we'll hear from Randy Hironaka who represents Bobby Nguyen, and Lars Isaacson who represents Gordon Shiraishi. The government will then will deliver a rebuttal closing statement, and then the jury will begin deliberations.

6/25/19 at 1:25 p.m.

Former HPD Chief Louis Kealoha’s defense attorney, Rustam Barbee laid out six key points to why his client is innocent.

 6/25/19 11:30 a.m.

Closing arguments are underway in a trial that's been described as Hawaii's biggest public corruption case.

Jury instructions took up to an hour in a packed courtroom. Judge Michael Seabright even opened a second overflow room that is almost full as well.

U.S. prosecutor Joseph Orabona said Tuesday the actions of the defendants, former Honolulu deputy prosecutor Katherine Kealoha and her retired police chief husband, Louis Kealoha, show they conspired to frame her uncle.

Prosecutors have said Katherine Kealoha wanted to frame Gerard Puana to keep him from revealing fraud that financed the couple's lavish lifestyle.

Orabona says greed, manipulation and abuse of power were at the center of the case.

He says the conspiracy consisted of obstruction, lies and depriving Puana of his civil rights.

After prosecutors are done, five defense attorneys will deliver closing arguments. Then, prosecutors will have a chance at a rebuttal closing and jurors will deliberate. 

Closing arguments will not end Tuesday, but will likely go into Wednesday.

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