Governor David Ige unveiled his intent to veto list Monday.

Twenty bills already passed by state lawmakers may not become law, and one in particular is on the top of that list.

The Governor made it clear Monday that he intends on vetoing a measure that would've taxed illegal vacation rentals.

Lawmakers estimated it would've brought in up to $46 million in its first year.

They passed 16 other bills dependent on those funds. 

According to the Governor, he plans to veto the vacation rental tax bill because it needs to be re-done following the City Council's recent vote to pass a pair of its own vacation rental regulations.

Governor Ige did not say how the state plans to make up the potential $46 million shortfall.

Another measure on the Governor's list is one that would've raised the cap for the state's film tax credit. 

In addition, a third bill would have allowed public school teachers to confiscate e-cigarettes from students who could've also faced $100 fines for getting caught with the devices.

"We don't believe the challenge with youth use of e-cigarettes can be addressed by making the students the criminals trying to get them to pay the penalties. It's really the adults and the businesses that are targeting and marketing to our youth," Governor Ige said. 

A bill the governor says he had a tough time leaving off the list was one to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.

While 20 bills are on the Governor's intent to veto list, it does not mean all 20 will be vetoed. Governor Ige has until July 9th to make his final decisions.

A measure that the Governor does not sign or veto by that time will become law without his signature.