Katherine Kealoha will not testify in her own defense. Her attorneys announced at the beginning of court proceedings Wednesday that Katherine’s defense rests.

Earlier this week, the defense for Katherine's husband, former Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha, rested. So did the defense for HPD Officer Bobby Nguyen.

The Defense for HPD Lieutenant Derek Hahn came next. Hahn's attorney, Birney Bervar, wanted to show that Hahn was in the Kahala area around the time the mailbox theft was being investigated but not as a police officer. Hahn was there for his side job: working for a solar company.

Bervar called three witnesses to the stand. The first was the owner of that solar company. Bervar had him look at some emails Hahn sent him containing photographs of electrical boxes and other equipment from various jobs.

Prosecutors asked about another job Hahn and the solar company did on the Kealoha's Kahala house in January 2013. The witness said that was a $45,000 project, but Hahn asked him for a favor to do it "at cost" which brought the price down to $25,000. The witness later explained he did the project because the chief was "an important person" and because he thought it would lead to a bigger job, but said he wasn't trying to get city work.

Bervar questioning Clough

 Pictured here: Bervar questioning the witness, Scott Clough

Bervar also called a computer forensics and metadata expert. He said he looked at the emailed photos Hahn sent his boss from the solar company and said they were taken on the June 22nd, 2013 [the day after the alleged mailbox theft] and were not tampered with.

Hahn's case rested. He did not testify.

Then came Gordon Shiraishi's case.

Shiraishi is accused of lying about his involvement in the mailbox theft investigation. His attorney, Lars Isaacson, has repeatedly tried to make his client seem like forgetful person.

Isaacson called one witness: a retired Honolulu Police major who already testified for the prosecution about working in HPD's Criminal Intelligence Unit. Shiraishi was in charge of that unit. The witness testified about captains signing daily attendance sheets.

Shiraishi's defense then finished without his testimony.

Thursday, the prosecutors will have their chance at a rebuttal. Then the jury will have a few days off while Judge Michael Seabright goes over jury instructions with all of the attorneys.

Closing arguments will be heard next week.


KITV4 has learned that Katherine Kealoha will not testify in her own defense. 

Her defense rests and Derek Hahn's attorney has called his first witness.

This story will be updated as details become available.