The USA Men's Volleyball team is loaded with player that have ties to Hawaii and so does the Pan American Cup Team which features the next young crop of talent our country has to offer. It has a mixture of past and present representing the UH men's volleyball team.

The head coach of the team is current assistant coach of the Rainbow Warriors Milan Zarkovic. On the roster is Kupono Fey (Punahou Grad) from the UH class of 2017, All American setter Joe Worlsey who graduated last month, and Maui native Colton Cowell who has one year left with UH. All four are representing the USA in Mexico this week. 

The atmosphere is a little different that a national championship match or the jam packed friendly confines of the Stan Sheriff Center.

"We still get like 10-thousand fans, no just kidding just kidding," Kupono Fey said.

"Everybody does not like the USA," Joe Worsley said.

The language is definitely different.

"How do you say protein powder in Spanish?," Worsley asks Colton Cowell.

"Haven't figured that one out yet," Cowell answered.

"Colton only knows how do I make my biceps bigger in spanish that's all he knows," Worsley said.

They get that same feeling wearing the red, white, and blue.

"So much pride playing for USA. Goosebumps right now," Fey said.

"Surreal, I got some goosebumps," Cowell said.

Under that USA jersey there is still a heart full of Hawaii.

"Always have a piece of that with us. Know matter where we go in life or where we play," Worsley said.

Of course players from all over the world are curious about Hawaii.

"They ask us how we're not all perfectly tan," Cowell said.

The UH volleyball program is a worldwide brand.

"Guatemala players come up to me and they recognized me from playing for Hawaii, so that was really cool," Worsley said.

"Puts things in perspective. We can kind of take a step back and be grateful for our experiences," Cowell said.

For Fey and Worsley they wish they had another season.

"Should have redshirted, should have redshirted for sure," Fey & Worsley said.

They realize they are now professionals doing this for a living

 "They've been playing to feed their families, or to feed themselves. To survive and we don't quite get to experience that until you're graduated with college so I think that's a big step up you see from the college to the international game," Worsley said.

Their team advanced to the quarterfinal with a sweep of the Dominican Republic and qualified for the Pan American Cup on July 26th in Peru.