State Senator Glenn Wakai wants to take away driver's licenses for three months from those with more than two violations in a moving vehicle including running stop signs, red lights and even speeding. 

"We're past the days handing out fine after fine after fine because these five or three percent of individuals. They're not getting it so why not take away their driving privileges," he said. 

He says the inspiration came from hearing about the alarming rate of traffic deaths on Hawaii's roads up almost 20 percent since 2018. Drivers caught running a red light or disregarding stop signs currently receive a $97 but paying the fee keeps them on the road. Wakai says the fines are not enough to stop violators from doing it again. 

"There's just tolerance three times, your license will be taken away," he said. 

Wakai says he doesn't think there will be much opposition to the idea because drivers who obey the rules would have nothing to worry about. Non-profit group Hawaii Bicycling League talks about ways to keep pedestrians safe. It says driving is a privilege. 

"People who are gonna choose to make bad decisions and put others at risk, there needs to be enforcement to get them to comply," Daniel Alexander, Hawaii Bicycling League said. 
Under the proposal, each driver's record gets a refresh to a clean slate every 10 years. He plans to turn his idea into a bill the next legislative session. 

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