For the wife, brother and father of Paul Andrews, this was supposed to be the moment they had waited for.

They believed they would get justice for a young father with big dreams of opening a restaurant.

Two years after Paul was killed on his moped leaving work by a drunk driver near Kapiolani Boulevard and Atkinson, they finally got their day in court for the sentencing of the driver, Jerry Putnam.

"I was so bitter for two years. Never asked why but when he turned around to say he was sorry, I said okay thank you and for just two minutes I had peace of mind but then the judge ripped it out all of it ripped our heart out," Scott Andrews, the father of the victim, said.

They are shocked after learning that Putnam will barely get jail time after pleading no contest. He was sentenced to 5 years probation and is allowed to leave jail after 30 days for early release.

The family left without answers, other than the judge seeming to say she wanted the defendant to be able to take care of his family.

"It seemed like she wanted him to have a second chance to try and help with his kids and his wife, but Kai doesn't get a second chance with his father, Lorenia doesn't get a second chance with her husband, so that was a disgrace," Matthew Andrews, the victim's brother, said.

It was also a disgrace to longtime advocates against drunk driving like Carol McNamee. 

She says the ruling goes against decades of fighting for stiffer penalties for DUI deaths in Hawaii to make people think twice before getting behind the wheel.  

Especially since in this case, the driver actually checked his own car and then drove away after hitting Paul.

"To me being the courtroom yesterday was like being thrown back 35 years to the way it was when people did get off with almost nothing," McNamee said.

While the family says they have nothing to say to the man who took Paul's life, they do have a message for Hawaii, that this could happen again.

"My husband died from a drunk driver and his killer is gonna spend thirty days in jail. It's just so unfair and I don't think that anyone would want that to happen to them and so I hope that things change," Lorenia Leyva-Andrews, the victim's wife, said. 

Putnam will still have to pay some fines and he will also have his drivers license revoked.

For Paul's family, they say they're still processing the news, but they said they are planning to see if there are any avenues they can try and appeal.


A man arrested for a deadly hit-and-run was sentenced to probation after killing a moped driver.

Judge Remigio sentenced Jerry Putnam, the driver of the vehicle, to five years probation, and one year imprisonment with early release after 30 days.

Putnam entered a no contest plea earlier this month.

The incident happened in May of 2017 around 12:07 a.m. Police say Putnam was making a left turn onto Atkinson Drive from Kapiolani Boulevard when he turned directly into the path of a moped.

The moped driver, Paul Andrews, was ejected from his bike and killed.

Honolulu Police say Putnam fled the scene and was later arrested.

HPD ruled that alcohol was a contributing factor in the collision.