News industry leaders will appear in front of Congress on Tuesday to discuss how tech giants like Google and Facebook have harmed the journalism business.

News publishers say that online platforms like Google and Facebook have disrupted the ability for news outlets to get their share of digital advertising generated from ads that run alongside their content because they control 63 percent of digital ad revenue.

Congress is in the very early stages of looking at regulating the tech giants.

The average employer 401(k) match reached 4.7% this year, according to Fidelity, which manages more than 30 million retirement accounts. That's a record high.

Prior to 2011, the average employer match was usually in the 3% to low 4% range, but has been slowly increasing each quarter in the years since.

That said, almost 25% of U.S. adults have no retirement savings at all.

Drexel University researchers are developing an app that can predict when dieters are likely to lapse on their eating regimen, based on the time of day, the user's emotions -- even the temperature of their skin and heart rate.

The app will then warn the user right before conditions are right for a diet lapse.

The app is named 'On Track,' but won't be available for a year or so.

Broadway is coming to streaming.

Broadway HD wants plays and musicals to be available for $9 a month for a streaming subscriptions.

Right now it has 300 titles.