It's been an emotional year for the staff at Saint Francis School. From the moment they announced the schools closure, to the last graduating senior class.

To mark an end to it's 95-year legacy nearly everything in the classrooms needs to go.

Classes that were once cluttered with school kids are left cluttered with school items that the community can buy through an online auction. 

"We wanted to make sure everyone had equal access to the same items. There were no insider deals or anything like that, all very open and transparent," Dr. Casey Asato, Former Headmaster of Saint Francis School. 

High-tech equipment like computers, cameras and tripods that cover the floors and tables on the upper campus are some of the goods up for grabs.

Down to the lower campus, a years-worth of books are boxed and ready to go.

Because the school is in millions of dollars of debt, there is hope that the public sales will bring the deficit down.

"We're helping them, they're helping us," Dr. Asato said. 

According to Asato everything up for bid starts at just $10, but even though the auction isn't officially open prices are going up due to people already showing interest.

Campus koi fish were priced at $22 and a school bus shown here jumped to $101.

"Even though the description may not be posted, there are photos. So if a person registers they can start bidding already," Dr. Asato said.

Everything is on the auction list except the three religious statues around campus. Those are hands-off and the future plans for these are still in the works.

For Asato, the school's closure was a reality he didn't want to face. 

"When all is said and done, I think it ended with grace and dignity," Dr. Asato said. 

He says it's a price that could no longer be negotiated. 

To bid online click here.