Take a drive into Kalihi Valley and you'll see bulky item garbage piles.

One after another, all left on the sides of the road for the City to pickup.
On many of these piles you'll see ones with multiple notices on them warning residents they need to remove the trash or the City says they could face fines of up to $2,500.

The City's bulky refuse trucks have already gone through these neighborhoods and collected all of the bulky trash that had been scheduled by residents to be removed.

Some people told KITV4 Monday that they were still unaware they had to make an appointment and didn't hear of the changes to the City's once a month bulky pickup program.

Their State Representative says some in this district feel they were blindsided. 

"If the City is not going to pick up the bulky items, that's going to be a problem," Representative John Mizuno said. 

More specifically, a health problem according to Representative Mizuno.

On Monday Representative Mizuno sent a letter to the State Health Department to look into the effects of leaving these piles of trash on his community's streets.

"It's a public safety concern, and we're going to let the Department of Health know about it and intervene, and see what we can do about the situation," Representative Mizuno said. 

The City has stood on saying it will not remove any unscheduled bulky trash piles.

Instead it says it will work with residents to educate them of the new program and if problems persist, it will move towards penalties.