One of the top issues city lawmakers are faced with in 2019 is how to regulate short-term vacation rentals.

"I think these bills are completely eradicating vacation rentals in a way," vacation rental owners Helena and Harold Von Sydow said.

Helena and Harold Von Sydow own a vacation rental on Oahu's North Shore, which took their entire savings to buy.

The Hawaii Kai couples says they're not opposed to regulations, they just don't want their businesses to be banned.

"It's political suicide from their point, I think and economical," The Von Sydow couple said. 

Council members voted to move forward bills 85 and 89 with amendments to fines for illegal rentals.

The bills would still outlaw TVUs or entire homes from being rented short-term.

Supporters say these measures have to pass to help alleviate Oahu's housing problem.

"For the people who live here we struggle with no affordable housing stuff like that so when you buy offshore and do what you do, leave that one family out in the open to deal with whatever it might be," Jorge Kainalu Lagua of Local 5 said.