It's a story we brought you earlier in the week, the Department of Education is making sure students stay fed this summer.  Friday marked the first day some of the 71-public schools across the state began offering free meals as a part of the DOE's food service program, "Seamless Summer Option".

Sweetie Akiu, a senior at Roosevelt High School, said on her first day of summer school on Thursday, she didn't eat.

"I was cranky," explained Akiu.

She said she ran out of time to get lunch, but for some others who skip meals, it's because they can't afford it.

"It might not be me personally but I've noticed that a lot of students aren't bringing food.  Like they don't have food, except for school lunch," said Akiu.

"The reality is some students do depend on having meal service for breakfast and lunch," said Sean Wong, Roosevelt High School's principal. 

Enter: "Seamless Summer Option".  The program kicked off on Friday for Roosevelt High School.

"Our students have the opportunity to receive a free breakfast and lunch.  I believe today lunch is boneless teriyaki chicken," said Wong. 

Free meals are served Monday through Friday, and recipients don't have to  be enrolled in classes to be served.

"The program also offers opportunities for students that are not attending but they can come on a campus site and if they provide some kind of verification that they're under 18, they can also receive a free meal," said Wong. 

The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to ensure low-income children continue to receive nutritious food during summer.

"I think it's really good, especially because a lot of the students have to pay to take summer school.  The fact that they don't have to pay for lunch is really helpful," said Akiu. 
The program runs through mid-July. 

For a full list of participating schools, click here.