Thursday morning, lawyers for both the government and the defendants finished questioning Katherine Kealoha’s uncle, Gerard Puana.

Puana was accused of stealing Katherine and Louis Kealoha’s mailbox.

Louis Kealoha's defense attorney asked Puana if there was anyone who could vouch for where he was on the night of the alleged theft – June 21st, 2013. Puana said, “No, I can’t.”

Katherine Kealoha's lawyer tried to paint Puana as a hot head. She had him recollect times he got angry, giving him one example by showing surveillance video of him throwing a coffee cup at the Kealoha driveway. 

Defense attorneys tried to discredit him in other ways such as bringing up his drug habits and how he apparently had switchblade knives in his home.

One point brought up during Puana's testimony yesterday that was discussed again today was his signature on a revocable living trust document.

Puana testified that he did not sign the document.

The government brought in a forensic document examiner who was tasked with looking at the handwriting and signatures of Katherine and Gerard. He even had them sign things for him. 

He concluded was that it was highly probable Puana did not write his name on that trust document.

He did conclude Katherine did sign her name. He was also almost certain Katherine also signed for a notary public, Alison Lee Wong.

U.S. attorneys claim Alison Lee Wong isn’t a real person but is the alter ego of Katherine 

The last witness of the day was Chuck Totto, a former member of both the state and Honolulu county ethics commissions.

He started investigating the Kealoha's in 2015. They, in turn sued him. 

One man expected to take the stand tomorrow – Honolulu Police Sergeant Daniel Sellers.

U.S. attorneys played tapes of Totto's interviews with two defendants; HPD Major Gordon Shiraishi and Officer Bobby Nguyen. They talked about HPD's response to the mailbox theft.

The number of witnesses left in the government's case is getting smaller. U.S. Attorneys don't think they'll be able to finish their case by the end of the day tomorrow. 

One man expected to take the stand tomorrow is Honolulu Police Sergeant Daniel Sellers. Earlier this year he was sentenced to one year probation for disclosing confidential information to Katherine Kealoha.