Kahala, HI - In the middle of a busy shopping day at Whole Foods Kahala, the store nearly became a drive thru.

"You know stuff like this happens, it's pretty crazy yeah," Whole Foods Kahala employee Julia Suh said. 

Workers say it all started when a man on a moped tried to steal from the store when a worker tried to stop him. The workers says that the man got on his moped to try and run him over.

"He was trying to bang me in the store because I grabbed his bag," the worker said. 

As shoppers scramble to get out of the way, another man quickly jumps in grabbing him from behind initially it looks like he's backing away until he makes another run for it, but he is blocked in by a watermelon stand.

The bystander holds onto him but the rider eventually finds one last opening, gunning it into the shopping cart lane, but the man holds on. 

Once the bystander actually lifts the moped it was game over. The man held him down until Honolulu Police arrived.

Workers at Kahala Whole Foods say that shoplifting is pretty rare, let alone a chase scene.

"I've been here for years and Kahala is generally a safe area so stuff like this is definitely an eye-catcher," Suh said. 

An eye-catching ordeal that ended safely thanks to some quick thinking.

"No one should be a hero, but I think it's great that people's hearts are in the right place," Suh said. 

A spokesperson for Kahala Mall told KITV4 that they also had security on scene who waited until Honolulu Police arrived.

Honolulu Police haven't officially confirmed an arrest, but did say there is an open theft case against that suspect.