It's week three of the Kealoha Corruption Trial and tensions were high inside the courtroom Monday.

Judge Michael Seabright yelled at federal prosecutors over the grand jury testimony transcripts from Honolulu Police Major Gordon Shiraishi. 

Prosecutors called FBI Special Agent Caryn Ackerman to the stand. She talked about her investigation into the alleged mailbox theft, but Judge Seabright became angry when the testimony transcript from Shiraishi was brought up.

The government had not responded to a motion filed by Shiraishi's Attorney by the start of court proceedings this morning. Seabright told the government he was upset because it meant he was expected to rule quickly on adding that testimony into evidence without giving it proper review.

The court did hear excerpts from Shiraishi's testimony. There was also a re-enactment of defendant Bobby Nguyen's grand jury testimony. Both talked about where they were and who they were with during the days following the alleged theft of Louis and Katherine Kealoha's mailbox. 

Ackerman and several other witnesses mentioned the name of "Alison Lee Wong." The government alleges that Wong is Katherine Kealoha's "alter ego."

That name appears on a number of pieces of evidence, such as items that needed notarizing and testimony to the state legislature to support Katherine Kealoha's promotion to become Director of the Office of Environmental Quality Control.

Two of Monday's witnesses testified they were asked to search for records of an Alison Lee Wong:  one for the City and County of Honolulu, the other for the state through the Attorney Generals office. Both testified they did not find an Alison Lee Wong.