UPDATE 5/30:

Some Waimanalo community residents will be holding a rally beginning at 5 p.m. Thursday in response to the City's project in Sherwood Forest.

The project includes a new athletic complex, parking lot and playground.

The rally will be held at Kewalo Basin where Mayor Kirk Caldwell will be giving his State of the City address. 

This story will be updated as more details become available.

Emotions ran high on Wednesday during a special meeting at the Honolulu City Council, on the controversial plans to clear Sherwood Forest in Waimanalo.

It's a project the city says residents asked for and supported back in 2013, but opponents claim there wasn't enough prior communication about the project before construction began in mid-April.

Councilmember Ikaika Anderson took the lead on the project, which calls for a new athletic complex, parking lot, and playground.  Now, he wants to instead  see the area replaced with Native Hawaiian plants.

"Councilmember Ikaika Anderson came and asked me if I would consider stopping it, and I said I'll look into it.  What we found out is that because the contract was awarded, and the project was started, to ask them to stand down, there are costs for doing that," said Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell. 

That price could cost taxpayers up to $300,000, which is part of the reason Caldwell says "Phase I" of the project will continue on as planned. 

"To compromise, we'll just do Phase I.  We won't proceed with the rest of the plan," explained Caldwell. 

Grubbing of the field is now finished, even after two pieces of heavy equipment were damaged last week by a fire that officials say was intentionally set. 

In Wednesday's meeting, some City councilmembers showed support to end the $1.4-million phase I of the project after hearing more testimony from community members.

"When you have a project of this magnitude, it's alarming to me the lack of transparency.  Anybody who looks at the master plan for this project will find an enormous amount of false information.  Or, information that's just not there," explained Kailua resident, Tracy. 

"As far as parks goes, we know that we received multiple requests for more playing fields, and continuous requests for a playing apparatus in the Waimanalo area," said Honolulu Department of Parks and Recreation Deputy Director, Jeanne Ishikawa.

The multi-purpose field, parking lot, and playground are expected to be done in the spring of 2020, which encompasses phase I of the project.  

Mayor Kirk Caldwell say he's committed to stopping the rest of the overall Master Plan for Waimanalo Bay Beach Park.