Whether you're about to experience high school football for the first time this fall as a freshman or just walked across the stage of graduation with the dream of having a shot to play college football, the Gridiron Academy Football Camp presented by the Motiv8 Foundation can help showcase your skills to colleges across the country. June 4th and 5th on the campus of Kamehameha Kapalama can open doors for whatever level recruit an athlete might be.

It was just last summer that a graduated senior went from not even going to college to now over a handful of division one one offers because of this GPA Hawaii Football Camp. It's no secret that high school football fields here in the state of Hawaii are full of college level talent but the truth of the matter is for a number of reasons no everybody can play division one, at lest right away and that's where this camp comes in.

"There is over 400 schools that play division two, division three, NAIA, and junior college. They are great schools. They play good football and we're trying to bring them to the islands to recruit our young people," Rich Miano said.

25 college coaches across 21 college programs that are making their way to Oahu for the 7th annual GPA Hawaii Football Camp. They know what they are after and they are coming to get it.

"Wants to have these local boys on it, wants to have these Polynesian football players. It brings culture, it brings toughness, it brings diversity, it brings respect, and brings love of this game of football," Miano said.

Here is a prime example of how this camp can change a life

"I said this kid can maybe not just play at the next level but he might be able to play in the NFL. They were blown away and so happy," Miano said.

Look no further then 2018 Maryknoll grad Riden Leong who only played one year of high school football at Pac Five.

"I wasn't even supposed to play football in the first place, was supposed to work right after high school. During the showcase Rich Miano was talking to the coaches about me, gave me a chance to come to a JC school like Orange Coast," Riden Leong said.

"Six months later he has seven offers, TCU, Iowa State, University of Hawaii, Fresno State, San Jose State, Boise State, and there is more to follow," Miano said.

What also sets this camp apart is what goes on outside the actual football. 

"We have what's called academic first, academic street fight so we encourage parents as well as the student athlete, as well as the local coaches to come attend these seminars because then you can find out actually how much financial aid is out there, how much scholarship money is out there," Miano said.

Link to register & more info: https://hawaiispeedandquickness.com/gpafootball/