The minor league baseball double-A Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp is the current home of Pearl City native and Saint Louis grad Jordan Yamamato after being traded from the Brewers organization to the Florida Marlins in January of 2018.

Not only is Yamamoto a great pitcher but he has another talent at his fingertips. Calling himself the "Traveling Minor League Baseball Barber" he helps keep his Jumbo Shrimp teammates looking fresh along with other minor league baseball players across the country.

"Grew up drawing, painting, sketching so I kind of like the artistic side of things. The tart of 2015 I thought why not try it and bought a couple of clippers. We have guys who were very brave and let me cut their hair. There excuse was we wear a hat for a living so you can cut my hair so I thought why not and over the years have gotten better and better," Yamamoto said.