Wildfires can happen any where on the island but some areas are more vulnerable like a mountain neighborhood in Hawaii Kai. 
Throughout the weekend, Mariners Cove in East Honolulu was a buzz with activity. Over 50 volunteers cleared brush and moved potentially hazardous objects in case a fire sparks in the valley. 

"Only you can prevent fires and it’s really important to get this cleaned up," Carol Jaxon, Hawaii Kai resident and event volunteer, said. 

Last summer, it happened at the top of Mariner's Ridge, that was too close for comfort for some near-by homes.

"By reducing the fuel, you slow the rate of the fire which allows the first responders to get here and professionally respond," Stephen Carroll, Team Rubicon Hawaii, said.  

"Even just around your house and any open area, it creates a fire break. That’s what we’re trying to do is create that 15 to 20 feet fire break," Jaxon said. 

Last February, a non profit group worked with state and city officials and created a fire hazard assessment of Kamilonui valley. It found that valley is particularly sensitive to brush fires because it can dry up quickly, even after heavy rain fall.
Jaxon hopes their community effort will inspire other neighborhoods. 

"We’re hoping we set a good example for other communities on Oahu to get together, Hui together and create a fire wise community where everyone is working towards clearing the brush," she said. 

Wildfire experts also have some tips for homeowners: get rid of dead vegetation and keep trees trimmed to prevent flames from reaching their home.