On Day Two of the Kealoha corruption trial, more witnesses took the stand.

After her attorney labeled this trial simply a misunderstanding from a fighting family, prosecutors presented evidence the feel showed Katherine Kealoha was the mastermind behind this conspiracy.

Six new witnesses testified in the trial. Money was a topic and major part of the case but prosecutors wanted to show just how involved Katherine Kealoha was in every aspect of the event. 

Postal inspector Brian Shaughnessy wrapped up his testimony Thursday. after initially saying that a theft case against Gerard Puana would win. He detailed all the preparation with Katherine Kealoha to get a victory.

They met five times, even holding a mock trial, before the actual trial just to get her ready. He also included an email from Katherine where she wrote "I don't think the U.S. attorney's office understands the importance of this case to my family as one of the attorneys has said twice that this is barely a felony."

HPD Homicide Detective Drew Akagi reported Katherine Kealoha said it was her uncle Gerard Puana who has committed the mailbox theft without giving him a reason why she thought it was him.

A replica mailbox was brought into the courtroom showed what the mailbox looked like.

Akagi also noted that Katherine gave him a very detailed and specific list with dimensions and cost for the mailbox and it's accessories totaling over $500, which is greater than the $300 threshold for the theft to be considered a misdemeanor. This would have made it a felony. 

Bankers were brought in at the end of the day to tell the jury about the joint checking account Katherine shared with her grandmother an account that only Catherine received statements for and was ultimately closed by the former deputy prosecutor Katherine Kealoha.     

The Kealohas again walked into court hand in hand, showing how close they still are throughout this trial. However, testimony from Katherine's Aunt Charlotte Melott said the former prosecutor did not share that closeness with the rest of the family.

When her brother Gerard was arrested back into 2011 she said they were told not to visit him while he was in custody but instead Katherine would take care of him and supposedly Katherine would bring him toiletries and give him money. However, she said Katherine did not do that during Gerard's 71 days in prison.