Kaneohe neighborhood fighting development plans

Hundreds of neighbors in Puohala Village have signed a petition against converting preservation land into a residential development behind their homes.

The area of Kaneohe behind their homes has a large stream that neighbors say is prone to flooding.

The Horseshoe Land Company, LLC bought the land at a low price because it was preserved and couldn’t be built on, but now the developer wants to rezone the land for residential purposes.

It was sold at a very cheap rate because it's preservation land knowing that you can't build on that land, so I don't even understand why anyone would buy it,” says Lori Siri, who has lived there since she was a child. 

The developer’s idea is to convert the land into 8 single family homes.  Neighbors are the against the idea because they say not only would it be dangerous because of the potential for flooding, but also because there’s already a lot of traffic in the area.

It's why the Kaneohe Neighborhood Board unanimously voted not to support the proposal.  But the Planning Commission approved it, and the plan now goes to the City Council which will have the final say on rezoning.

Neighbors have been waving signs to raise awareness and are have also created this petition.

KITV4 Island News also reached out to the developer, who says he’s being portrayed in a negative light and that he wants the council to consider approving the plan.  So far, a date has not been set for a hearing.