UPDATE 2:19 P.M.

Attorney for Katherine Kealoha, Cynthia Kagiwada gave a brief background on Katherine Kealoha where she went to school, how active she was in the community, and how she served on community associations and groups.

"One thing you should know about Katherine Kealoha comes from a large family, sometimes have conflicts and these misunderstandings are sometimes about money," Kagiwada said.

UPDATE 1:20 P.M.:

Attorneys spent the morning selecting the final jurors in the Kealoha corruption case. 

After 12 jurors were selected including seven men and five women, alternate jurors were picked with four men and one woman.

Opening statements for the trial were then presented which the judge expects to last until August. 

Two jurors told the judge that they might have personal or work conflicts and they were excused.

The defense includes:

Cynthia Kagiwada (Attorney for Katherine Kealoha)

Rustam Barbee (Attorney for Louis Kealoha)

Randall Hironaka (Attorney for Officer Bobby Nguyen)

Birney Bervar (Attorney for Lieutenant Derek Hahn)

Lars Isaacson (Attorney for Major Gordon Shiraishi)

The prosecution includes:

Michael Wheat (Special Prosecutor from U.S. Attorney's Office in San Diego)

Colin McDonald and Janaki Gandhi (Assistant U.S. Attorneys)

Seven men and five women make up the jury with the majority of them appearing to be in their mid-20's to 40's. The jury also appeared to represent a mix of ethnicities: Caucasian, Hawaiian, Asian, and others.

"This case neither begins or ends with a mailbox, it is a long story of manipulation, greed, abuse of power of trust by Katherine Kealoha and her husband, Chief of Police Louis Kealoha," Michael Wheat stated.


The jury has been selected and opening arguments are underway for the Kealoha corruption case. 

A total of 12 jurors have been selected including five women and seven men.

The alternates chosen are four men and one woman.

This story will be updated as details become available.