Some Honolulu City Council members hope their resolution can become an incentive to attract more bus riders but also promote the new 'HOLO' card, a method of payment that can be used for the bus now and the rail in the future. 

To get new riders on board, the resolution proposes suspension of one-day bus passes in areas with new routes. Right now, most are on Windward Oahu. 

"Serves also as a new tool for someone who may not use transit to sort of have an incentive by uploading a free one day pass for a time period on this new Holo card that they would receive," Honolulu City Council member Brandon Elefante, said. 

He co-authored the resolution. Elefante says the council still needs to decide when the city would start giving out HOLO cards, and how long it'd last. 

"It's an educational part too to inform the community with that. That a HOLO card is available in addition to paying cash or one monthly pass," Elefante said. 

Jeremy Schmalberg takes the bus up to seven times a day, he says he would use the card but it depends on what his benefits are down the line. 

"If I have to buy to go somewhere and it cost me more, then I don't agree with it. If it's cheaper, I agree with it," Schmalberg said. 

If the resolution passes, eligible riders will get a notification letter from the city. It'll be heard by the council's budget committee on Monday.