With signs and chants, "Unite Here Local 5" union members rallied around the Hilton Hawaiian Village for two hours.

"I’m so proud of us because they’re very strong and any push back from management, we push back too," Lawrene Kanoa said.

According to hotel workers, last year's 51-day strike of Marriott workers for better wages set the standard for all hotel workers. 

"I don’t think anybody can actually can actually make money off of $25,000 a year. I know I can’t. Especially in Hawaii, it’s not possible," Lawrene Kanoa said.

Some also rallied at  the Modern Hotel where its owner has proposed converting the hotel into a time share. 

One hotel worker we talked with says she depends on insurance and other benefits from work for her family, she's afraid her job is on the line.  

"I'm not one of them that got a lay-off letter but I will never know what they’ll do with my position so I’m out there to support and we’re all in this together," Audrey Jordan-Gecain said.

78 workers were already told their jobs will be eliminated. 

"For them to come in and take away jobs is taking away their agreement with Hawaii. We feel we’re just trying to enforce to make these mainland and global companies live up to the promises they made to our community here so that we have jobs and we have a place to live," Eric Gill said.

The Senior Vice President of Labor Relations at Hilton Worldwide says they have made significant progress in negotiations with Local 5. 

In a statement he said: "We look forward to resuming bargaining next week and remain very confident that we soon will reach agreement on a new labor contract without a labor dispute."