Maui police and fire say other government agencies like the DLNR joined the search along with over 90 volunteers as they continue to look for Amanda Eller.

It’s been 9 days since the Amanda Eller went missing, her family and friends are not giving up searching through areas around and above Makawao Forest.

“I do firmly believe Amanda is still alive but occasionally, those doubts creep in and I try to dispel them as I can," Amanda's mother Julia Eller said.

Maui Fire Assistant Chief Richard Kawasaki was on a search flight last week. He says with infrared technology through the helicopters, it can show details like birds and beehives. The aerial search area is about 2 by 3 square miles. 

“Searching without inferred is pretty ineffective based on the forest. We’re used to instant gratification, you put the fire out. You get somebody out of a car or something. With this, putting all this effort and unable to find anything. It’s frustrating for everybody and I can’t imagine what it is for the family,” Richard Kawasaki said.

The Department flew its helicopter above the Forest for an hour and a half Thursday morning, adding up to about 20 hours since the search began.

“We’re continuing to investigate every lead, every phone call, any information we get, we’ll follow up on," Detective Dennis Clifton said.

According to investigators the Department will investigate the incident like a criminal case because if it does become one, they will already have the latest information.

“We’re very optimistic that if anyone can make it through this, she can," Julia Eller said.

In a news conference Thursday, police say her backpack and water bottle was in her car. 

Police are looking for the driver of a blue Dodge pickup truck that was seen parked next to Eller's SUV at the Forest Reserve when she went missing on May 8th. 

Officers also want to question an older male in a white Toyota van, who was in the area with two dogs as well as a couple who appeared to be visitors.

According to Maui police it will continue to investigate all credible leads.

Anyone with information is asked to call Maui police.


Maui police and firefighters went back to Makawao Forest Thursday.

Police, the Fire Department, and the Mayor's office held a press conference for the media Thursday afternoon to provide a timeline of events in the disappearance of yoga instructor Amanda Eller. 

They said that other government agencies like the DLNR as well as over 90 volunteers continue to search for Amanda Eller.

Maui Police opened a missing person case just over a week ago and have since been actively searching for Eller.

According to authorities no new images or surveillance video of her, other than the one released yesterday from Haiku Market and the Haiku post office, has been found.

Detectives with the Maui Police Department confirm that when recovering her vehicle that was left at the bottom of Kahakapao Trail at the Makawao Forest Reserve they were able to find her cell phone, her backpack, slippers and some other personal belongings that were left in the vehicle.

What they were able to confirm was that there were no signs of a struggle or foul play while examining the interior and exterior of the vehicle and the outside area surrounding the vehicle.

Detectives say that since the search for Eller began over a week ago they have received as least 150 phone calls, Facebook posts, and e-mails with tips about her possible whereabouts. 

Maui firefighters flew their helicopter above the area for an hour and a half Thursday morning. The Assistant Fire Chief says the Department will continue to follow any tips that come through but it's unlikely another flight will happen Friday.

According to firefighters there has been 20 hours of search time in the air so far. 

KITV4's Nicole Tam spoke with Amanda Eller's mother who says that family and friends will keep searching until she is found.

"We're very optimistic that if anyone can make it through this, she can. It's a range of emotions. I need to try and keep myself positive, but occasionally, you hit a low spot," Eller's mother said.

The investigation remains a missing person case, Maui police say there are no persons of interest at this time or signs of foul play at this time in this case. 

Ben Konkol, Amanda's boyfriend, voluntarily took a polygraph exam and passed. 

Authorities will continue to investigate all credible leads. Search efforts Thursday will continue until night fall. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Maui police.