HONOLULU - A landslide and rockfall ravaged the Pali Highway back in February, but O'ahu motorists are still dealing with the aftermath.

Crews have been installing a mesh system to stabilize the slope between the Pali Tunnels and are repairing the electrical building between those tunnels after it was damaged. The estimated cost of emergency work to date is $20 million.

Since the landslide, lanes along the highway have been contraflowed in the morning and afternoon. The Honolulu-bound lanes are contraflowed between 5-9 a.m., and Kailua/Kaneohe-bound lanes are contraflowed between 3-7 p.m.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) recently sent out answers to frequently asked question on the Pali Highway emergency work:

Q: Why can’t we have contraflow in the Kailua bound lanes all day?

A: For the safety of everyone involved, HDOT is restricting access between the tunnels during work on the slopes. During access hours, the emergency work crews avoid any work that may disturb the slope. HDOT avoids contraflowing traffic within tunnels except in the most extreme circumstances due to safety concerns relating to head on traffic within tunnels. Contractors may also be on both sides of the highway during work hours as they use the Kailua bound lanes to work on the Honolulu bound side.

Q: Will the Honolulu bound AM Contraflow and Kailua bound access be open on holidays?

A: HDOT is working with the contractor to substantially complete the Pali Highway Emergency Work and the repaving of the Honolulu-bound lanes of Pali Highway between Castle Junction and Waokanaka Street by the end of August 2019. Allowing the contractor to work on weekends and holidays helps with the accelerated scheduling.

Q: Are crews really working between the access hours?

A: Yes. Crews are working to install the slope mesh, repair the electrical building for the tunnel lights, and install the attenuator system. Drilling in preparation for the foundations of the new tunnel structure began on Monday, May 13.

Q: I got to Castle Junction at 8:57 a.m. and was not let through. Why didn’t they keep it open until 9 a.m.?

A: The contractor for the traffic control allowing safe access to Pali Highway for the AM and PM commute has been informed of the concerns and does adhere to our posted access hours.

Traffic control personnel begin shifting lanes 20-minutes prior to the closure times and close promptly to allow the contractors the time they need to work on the emergency repairs. If you are planning on taking the AM Honolulu-bound contraflow or the PM access to the Kailua/Kaneohe bound lanes, HDOT recommends giving yourself adequate time to clear any congestion leading to Castle Junction or Waokanaka Street. If you are within a half hour of the closing time before you leave home or work, please consider taking another Koolau route. As a reminder, travel time information for the H-3 Freeway and Likelike Highway is now available on GoAkamai.org.