While black smoke billowed out of the sixth floor apartment of the Victoria tower, Wednesday -- condo residents like Brian Huffman had little time to react. 

"I could smell smoke. I could smell electrical, and I'm like 'what is that coming from?' And I'm like looking around the unit, and realize it's not coming from my unit." Said Huffman.

Huffman and his girlfriend have lived in their unit for four years -- just doors down from where the Honolulu Fire Department said the fire ignited. 

"I step out the door, and I look down to the left -- that's where 604 is, and I could see the smoke piling out there." Said Huffman. "So I immediately ran to the smoke alarm, pulled it -- ran inside, and told my girlfriend, and she called 911."

Keith Whitney -- a neighbor and witness who's been living across the tower in a separate apartment for seven years said flames showed signs of spreading.

"When it first started it was very small then it got bigger and bigger." Said Whitney.

He said he watched as tower tenants cleared-out to a safer spot. 

Nearly ten fire companies were on site within minutes of the first emergency call around 10 a.m. The active scene had crews forcing their way into the empty unit while flames flared-out from the balcony. 

"Then it came out about five-feet from the railing. Then it went straight up. About 15 feet straight up." Said Whitney. 
"I heard a little bit of popping -- like there was something burning up there popping." He said. 

As personnel battled to get the blaze under control -- the flames dripped to the floor below. Honolulu Fire Captain, Scot Seguirant said officials came across a gas can on the balcony, which was the additional liquid falling down. 

With the fire fully out just before 11 a.m. a singed terrace could be seen from the outside with signs of fire burn marks stretching up and down the building. 

Even though no injuries were reported -- HFD officials continue to drive a critical point, that sprinklers can help when it's needed most. 

At this time the cause and damage estimates are still under investigation. 



First responders were called to a residential fire on Victoria St. Wednesday morning.

Black smoke could been seen emanating from the building.

Neighbor David Hunter said, "I came around the corner, and them boom -- the whole building was engulfed in smoke."

Another neighbor says that by the time the fire department arrived there were flames coming out of the third level apartment. 

Corey Notz neighbor, "The fire was reaching at about five feet above the lanai, spewing into the apartment above it...there was even fire dripping from the lanai as well."

Witnesses say the fumes from the blaze were very potent, and the area was congested with smoke.

The fire was contained around 10:30 a.m.