Stocks are stabilizing but both sides appear to be getting deeper entrenched.

China trade reps said it won't bow to any extreme pressure.

President Trump says he is right and changes will be good for America in the long term.

The U.S. is stepping up enforcement of delinquent student loans.

Bloomberg reports the U.S. government stepped up collection on delinquent debt to 2.9 billion last year -- that was an average of a thousand dollars per student.

The government will reportedly continue to go after that debt.

Experian says student loan debt in Hawaii totals 4.1 billion as of January.

Home prices gained in Hawaii year-over-year, but by one of the smallest percentages of any state. says they rose 3.3 percent.

Honolulu has a 1.8 percent gain.

Haleiwa had a 9.7 percent gain.

The FCC vows to get tough on robocalls.

Chairman Ajit Pai says robocalls are getting out of control.

He told Fox Business that he's demanded phone companies adopt call authentication -- a digital fingerprint for every phone call so the calls can be traced.