Making the decision to breastfeed your baby can arguably be the best option a mother chooses for her keiki.

"We know when they've done MRI studies that actually their brain growth and brain matter are different whether they are exclusively breastfed versus formula-fed," Board President Le'a Minton said. 

However, it's not always the easiest one, according to Minton, the Board President for Breastfeeding Hawaii, a federally-recognized organization.

That's why there is a push for moms who can pump to donate their 'liquid gold' to moms around the nation who can't, and their babies who need it most.

"This milk that's been donated will go to a center where it's going to be tested, pasteurized and is safe for use for medically-fragile babies and that's really important to have that available as well," Minton said. 

To make it happen, Breastfeeding Hawaii has teamed up with the Mother's Milk bank in San Jose, one of the largest operating milk banks in the nation, according to Minton. 

For Minton, the 'Donor Depot Project' is the first step toward re-establishing a Hawai'i breast-milk bank because she said the last one went out of business more than three-decades ago. 

"Unfortunately it was closed because we didn't have the technology at that time that could test for certain viruses to see if the pasteurization killed them or not," Minton said. 

Hawaii girl, Jessica who now lives in San Antonio, Texas said pumping was a problem with her first-born.

By her second child she managed to stock-up on milk for moms who were in her shoes. 

"I only dropped off one large donation so far, it was only milk that had been accumulating for about eight months," 

With more than 1,800 ounces donated to her milk bank, roughly 1,600 ounces were used.

"No matter how you look at it it's raising awareness about breast-feeding, it's normalizing breast-feeding and it's empowering moms to empower each other,"

For Minton she hopes one day breast-milk made in Hawaii will stay in Hawaii. 

"We do know that two of The NICU's in Hawaii currently do order milk and that some moms also order milk in the community and are able to receive that through a prescription

Because she believes that for babies, breast is best.