What if your next trip to the doctor's office could better predict your risk of developing cancer, diabetes, or getting a heart attack.

What if children knew those risks right now or what if they could just get a cool action figure of themselves by going to the doctor?

It could be possible in the near future. 

The avatars pictured here are 3D printouts of real people and kids who got their bodies scanned to produce the printout.

Researchers at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center are giving these "toys" to those who take part in their study which they say is step towards changing how doctors evaluate the health of patients.

Many currently use a Body Mass Index calculation which some say is well out of date.

"When you go to a doctor's office, they look at your BMI and they tell you on a BMI scale if you're at risk for obesity if you're at risk for obesity if you're at risk for metabolic disease but they don't know how much fat or how much lean muscle you have," University of Hawaii Cancer Center En Yong Liu said.

Researchers say looking at body shape provides better answers to overall health questions like obesity and cancer risk.

The UH Cancer Center needs 350 kids to be part of its study and is asking for boys and girls between the ages of 5 and 17.

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