After hurricane season devastated Hawaii last year, we're now just a month away from this year's hurricane season.

Bradley Maruyama with Allstate says now is the time to make sure you get coverage so you don't miss out.  He says last year, offices were swamped with calls after the hurricane was already a Category 4, but it was too late.

Maruyama says many are not aware of a moratorium of selling insurance once a hurricane reaches within 500 nautical miles of the islands.

"And once that moratorium kicked in, Whether you're buying a car, closing on a home, or trying to secure renters insurance, the company does make a stop to it," he says.

Experts also recommended talking with your insurance agent about the difference between home and flood insurance, and what your deductibles are.  If it's too high, that could mean costly repairs if your home ends up damaged.

"Most people have 2 percent deductible which is a $10,000 deductible, so if your roof was going cost 10 to 12 thousand to fix, it's pretty much coming out of pocket."

You should also make sure your family prepares an emergency kit which should include:

- 3 days worth of water

- non-perishable food

- radio and batteries

- flashlight

- first aid kit

Allstate along with the Red Cross will be giving away 1,500 free disaster kits around the islands starting Monday, May 6th.  You can pick them up and any Allstate office.