They say no matter how big the wave, "Eddie would go."  And Saturday, Eddie Aikau's story is reaching a global audience thanks to a Google Doodle.

All day on May 4th, for what would have been Aikau's 73rd birthday, Google is making Aikau their Doodle - the artwork that goes near the search bar for anyone googling anything.

Google tells us one of its Doodle staffers spent time in Hawaii was familiar with Aikau's story as a legendary surfer and lifeguard and wanted to find the right day to honor him with their signature art.

The Aikau Doodle features Eddie with a moving surfer on a wave and a lifeguard stand in the corner.  Google called Eddie's family who said they loved the design.

KITV4 caught up with Eddie's brother Solomon who lives on the Big Island. He says he's proud his brother's legacy is on the international stage.  "I don't really have the words," Solomon says.  "We're just so proud of him and his accomplishments.

Aikau was appointed the first lifeguard at Waimea Bay, and is credited with saving more than 500 lives all without the help of technology used today.  "The technology make it a lot safe now because waves are bigger," Solomon says. "They're riding bigger waves now. 20 feet was big at that time - now it's 40, 50, 60 plus."

Eddie was presumed dead after going missing during a rescue in 1978.  His brother says he'd be amused his legacy is living on for anyone surfing the web.  
"I think he would just laugh you know, he would laugh and he would be proud."

Solomon also hopes any Googlers who end up curious about Eddie's story today will also learn more about his foundation, which promotes education on Hawaiian culture.