"Everyday somebody is dying, if not in the mainland in Hawaii," Kailua resident Ricky Bermudez said. 

Ricky Bermudez is fed up with fighting.

"This is our life, this is our home, this is our families, we need protection and the FAA is not doing it," Bermudez said. 

According to Bermudez he's filed complaints to both tour operators and the state about safety concerns of helicopters flying over homes in Kailua. 

Lawmakers say they've gotten the message.

"This goes to illustrate that those concerns tragically are real. So the real question now is what happens now and what can be done about it," Representative Chris Lee said. 

Earlier this year, Senator Laura Thielen introduced a bill to restrict commercial flights over neighborhoods across the state.

The bill died after lawmakers were advised the state cannot regulate commercial flights and has to adhere to rules set by the Federal government. 

"The difficult thing is that the FAA controls flight paths and when and where people can fly so we've got to work with our Federal delegation as well as other stakeholders to come up with something that actually works to prevent this kind of tragedy especially the next time because it could be someone's home, there could be people in it," Representative Chris Lee said. 

Senator Thielen tells KITV4 she's now looking into restricting permits for tour operators if they do not comply with state noise and safety standards near neighborhoods.

"Coconut grove is densely populated. It's just a miracle that no one else was killed other than people in the helicopter because it went down right in the middle of this very crowded, residential neighborhood and its ridiculous, they're allowed to fly over these residential areas," Senator Laura Thielen said.