Black Sheep is an ice cream parlor and the owner is 23-year-old Tasi Reid.

She has 23 employees and two stores, one in Waipio and her newest spot is in Wahiawa. 

"We want to be the literal black sheep of the ice cream industry, we want to be different from everyone else, kind of so things are our own way," Reid said. 

And their own way starts with out of this world flavors and names!

"When you eat bacon in the morning,  and you have maple syrup on your pancakes and it gets on your bacon," Reid said.

Some of the names include Creep It Real which is cookies 'n cream, unicorn poop and much more.

To get her business up and running, Reid quit college after two years.

"They weren't happy were they?"

"No, not right away," Reid answered.

The names are a gimmick but the product isn't.

What she learned along the way is that kids especially eat with their eyes first and being a small business owner in Hawaii, the struggle is real sometimes. 

"I can't be everywhere I want to be, I have to trust, delegate and plan accordingly," Reid said.

Admittedly, she's O.C.D. kind of control freak consistency with everything. 

At such a young age she also has a second business which was her first venture was while she was a high school Sophomore at La Pietra.

Nalu swimwear, where she sells bikinis online.

Everything seems to be working and everything sold at Black Sheep is made there. 

Nobody can steal Tasi's recipes, they're all kept under lock and key, even from her own employees.

"They're like on a need to know basis, I call it the vault," Reid said.

What's not secret is that Black Sheep Creamery ice cream is Made in Hawaii.