Former Governor George Ariyoshi received one of the state's highest honors Monday.

Lawmakers inducted Ariyoshi into the Aloha Order of Merit at the State Capitol.

It is an honor earned by providing extraordinary service to Hawaii while embodying the Aloha spirit.

Since its inception in 1993, just one other person has received the honor, the late Senator Daniel Akaka.

Ariyoshi was the first Hawaii-born Governor to be elected.

He served from 1973 through 1986, also making him the longest Governor to serve in Hawaii's history. He has also never lost an election.

"My ancestors may have created the concept of Aloha but among those who taught me what it actually meant is the person that we are honoring today," Governor John Waihe'e said.

Former Governor Waihe'e says it would've taken the entire afternoon to list all of Ariyoshi's accomplishments, among them pushing for sustainability.

Well before the word sustainability became a popular concept, Ariyoshi made sure more than a million trees were planted in Hawaii to restore our forests.